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Babymoon in Paris!

I was six months pregnant when we decided to go to Paris during Christmas break to celebrate New Years. This was also the trip we decided to tell social media we were pregnant. We had two miscarriages so we were apprehensive on telling the world too early. We chose Paris as a baby moon basically because I had low expectations for it and didn’t mind going there and not drinking. You know there are certain places where you’re like I really want to experience the drinking side of the town. Paris doesn’t scream that. But holy hell. Paris did blow my expectations and wow me for sure!!!.

You have to remember I’m six months pregnant here and we flew during Christmas break… AKA College Bowl Season. We always do a family competition on who can pick the most games correctly, and it didn’t help that my mom had a friend over whose children were at the game. So obviously they stayed up watching the entire game partying way too hard. Our flight was at 6:30 AM and we basically were at the airport at like 5AM. Sean no joke had to get out of the car to throw up on the way there. So if you can’t tell by the picture alone, Sean was hurting. Anyways, we booked the trip through greatvaluevacations and it cost us $1,700 total for the flights and accommodations. Granted, there were cheaper options, but I had to have it fit during our time window of Christmas Break. Our hotel was a Best Western with free breakfast and worked great for us.

We got in Sunday 12/30 late afternoon and decided to just get acclimated with our hotel, shake off the long flights, grab dinner and explore the areas close by. Luckily for us that mean seeing the Louvre. We’re not museum people and don’t care about art enough to want to see inside. Mona Lisa’s just as cool on Google if you ask me. Here in Texas, we have the San Antonio Riverwalk. It’s pretty cool, very touristy, however, come Christmas time, it’s a whole different vibe. It’s completely lit up and decorated and just brings a different vibe. That’s how I felt with Paris. Seeing the whole city in full Christmas mode just added a bit of magic to the streets.

Monday NYE, the only thing we had planned was the Eiffel Tower. It was fairly close to our hotel- within walking distance. So we got up and made the trek over there for a 9:30 reservation time. Even at 9:00, the lines start to get outrageous. We were sitting ducks in line when our online reservation said we could skip the queue. Turns out it was just a matter of having the balls to pass a bunch of people in line to see a different entrance for us. The Eiffel Tower itself isn’t amazing, however the pictures you get with and around it definitely make it worth seeing.

On our walk to the Eiffel Tower, we walked passed this street and felt it was the perfect photo opp for this new mama to show of my baby bump.

While walking around exploring the awes of Europe, we also saw the Arc de Triomphe. Worth seeing. Kind of wish we had a tour to have the history explained to us. This was New Years Eve and they have a Time Square-esque party on Champs Elysees street. We knew with me being pregnant and all the riots that were going on, we’d skip this, but we still had to cross the street at night to get to the Crazy Horse show. Talk about SWAT-like police officers everywhere. We had to be searched to cross. Crazy. Speaking of Crazy though! I actually heard of Crazy Horse on a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Episode.. I know that sounds super lame, but it looked soo fun. It was like a modern burlesque show. We LOVED IT!! It was sexy burlesque, the MC was amazing and could sing, they had this hilarious act between dances. You could tell he was on America’s Got Talent. His name is Jonathan Burns and he’d like fit into suitcases and toilet seats, he also had this hilarious bit with a sweatband. I think we had a bottle of champagne which of course was like the most champagne my husband has ever had.

We actually ended this night at a bar/restaurant called The American Dream. Bunch of American memorabilia and I don’t know how I stayed up until midnight with all the shenanigans we did through the day. New Year’s Day a lot of things were closed, but we were able to sight see around town. We went to the Montparnasse Tower which the exterior looks super ugly, but it has an observation deck area with stellar views of the city. It was decorated all christmas like and was worth it to see the views. We didn’t stay here crazy long, but it got us to a different part of town where we got to meander our way back. We knew we had Moulin Rouge that night and were lucky that the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur was near the venue. We climbed the many steps to the top. There was live music playing and it was super pretty as it was just about sunset. We went inside and then hung out at an Irish pub to kill some time where I got to enjoy the forever exciting hot chocolate and my husband had a few beers.

I would have been upset if we went to Paris and did NOT go to Moulin Rouge, but I will tell you it’s more like a tacky cruise ship show than a burlesque show. They had a limited menu that was way too fancy and over our head, of course the first thing we pick unknowingly is raw fish, and I’m over here thinking pregnant or not, that thing was not going in my mouth. We were supposed to have champagne, but my husband who at this point was probably champagne-d out for the year with the one bottle the night before, had asked for bourbon and they gave him a huge glass full of it. It was an experience, but one that I won’t do again. I feel like I could confidently recommend just taking pictures in front of it and then hit up Crazy Horse for the show.

So Sean and I plan somethings when were over abroad, but a lot of things are on a whim. So NYE, I had a friend recommend checking out the Palace of Versailles if we could sneak away from Paris and had the time. The date we originally wanted got canceled, but luckily we were able to make it happen on Wednesday. We even booked the wrong ticket, and the tour operator pulled some strings to make sure we could get in and get the tour. I mean. Holy. Hell. AMAZING. And totally would want to go back in the spring when the garden is in full force. We took a bus and it was about 45 minutes to get there. We got there super early but still a huge crowd. Luckily our tour group had a special entrance that got us right in. It’s an audio-headphones type tour. Basically you type a number and it gives you facts, but my God it was immaculate. The history behind it all was just insane. The fact that people paid to watch King Louis to wake up or to take a shit. Thank God for the change in times. Lots of fun history facts, that I’ll spare for you to hopefully get to learn yourself.

By the time we got back, we still had some afternoon time left and my husband was really wanting to check out the Pantheon. You have to understand as a construction science major in college, Sean has studied a lot of European architecture and gets abnormally excited about buildings he’s studied. Again, the cool part of Christmas time, is the entrance was peppered with Christmas trees. It did have a cool pendulum in it that referenced the Earth rotations.

We ended this night eating dinner across from the lit up Notre Dame and some live music. Of course me eyeing all the crepes stands and huge jars of Nutella, I finally caved and got one. Seeing Notre Dame as much as we did and having to wait until our last day to go inside definitely built up our anticipation, but can’t rave on its exterior beauty enough.

Our last day was Thursday. We woke up and had to be at Notre Dame earrrly. Our tour guide was amazing though. He was from Canada and studied theology. Had super insightful and great info, but also super fun and funny. I will forever remember that his birthday is the same as Britney Spears for instance. This tour was another major highlight of our trip. I feel like we respected Notre Dame that much more after learning the ins and outs of the history and all that it’s been through. To learn that Paris was such a crowded town, and the normal size of churches back then were super tiny. Like only 10 people could fit in comfortably. Then to have this MASSIVE church be built, where you couldn’t see its enormity until you were up close and made it look that much bigger. The fact that stained glass was used with colors the people hadn’t seen before, reminded them that “God must be real to construct a church like this.” Then when the corruption happened, how if you analyze the Hebrew bible, there’s no talk of “three kings” to go see Jesus, just that gifts were brought by everyone. The fact that kings were constantly inserting themselves in the translation. They put themselves in statues as many of the common folk couldn’t read and interpreted the bible through statues and pictures. The fact that Notre Dame is known to hold Jesus’ actual crown, although some history buffs had debunked that. Y’all this is just a fraction of what we learned. At the end of the tour we were offered to climb the very “steep and narrow” 387 steps to the top. It was somewhat cool for some people I guess, but for us Texans it felt amazing. So I had some odd looks as this 6 month preggers lady decided to go for it, while others opted out. It was soo worth it. To see the spire and all the gargoyles up close. To see the bell towers. I could go on and on with more facts. It broke my heart when it burned in April. We always get travel tattoos and initially I was wanting to veer away from churches as we did that for Prague, but after Notre Dame became engulfed in flames, I knew I had to get the spire. It’s so crazy people who are familiar with Notre Dame immediately notice it and point it out on my arm.

After seeing the church for the people, we saw the church meant for kings. Sainte Chapelle. Okay, an entire room built with stained glass windows is insanely beautiful Apparently, in the French revolution Notre Dame had some of it’s lower windows knocked out and therefore replaced with modernized (at the time) glass and the difference is noticeable. With Sainte Chapelle, they were able to take a lot of it down to put in the Louvre for reservation. It’s basically the entire bible described on the windows. There were much more vibrant colors for the royalty, and they were able to learn from Notre Dame’s architecture mistakes. Notre Dame collapsed quite a few times while they were working out the kinks. Anyways, beautiful church and a must see!

The last place on our tour was an old palace turned prison The Conciergerie. It was cool because you could see on an iPad what it looked in it’s prime as a palace. You could also see in the kitchen signatures from people who were there with pictures. It ended with Marie Antoinette’s prison. We got to learn all about how they treated her. First we learned that for a while the King was blaming her for not being able to have kids. It wasn’t until Marie’s brother had to explain basically you can’t just put the key in the lock and then take it out and finish the job yourself. You got to keep it in to make it work. Which led her to have kids. But unfortunately back in that day, it was easier to just blame women for the world’s problems. So she was blamed and people hated her.

And just like that it was time to venture back to the states. We would’ve definitely traveled somewhere even if I wasn’t pregnant, but to chose Paris because I was, definitely makes me call this a babymoon and super fun one at that. I’d love to go back to France, but to see different parts of it, I’ll probably leave Paris out for a while unless it’s just for a day or so.

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