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Hey y’all!

Blog newbie over here, so still learning on how all this works. I will have plenty of posts about traveling and raising a super stubborn/decisive, wears a dinosaur shirt with a pink tutu toddler, but first I want y’all to meet the Maseks.

I’m Kelly! I’m a 29 year old Texan that has been teaching special ed for 8 years. My husband and I met in college when I was 19 and he was 20. He gave me a beer at a party, I kept pronouncing his last name incorrectly and we’ve been together ever since! Masek is a Czech name. Pronounced Mashek. I kept asking if it was like Shawshank but with a M and just like that the nickname Shawshank for Sean was born. I’m originally from the massive town of Houston. My husband is from a super small town. Like stupid super small. He graduated with 27 people in his class. Our little town is made up of 1200 people. It’s everything you think of when you think of small town Texas. One red light. No major grocery stores. A Dollar General though! A Dairy Queen and McDonalds, and a couple of small town restaurants that know your drink order when you walk through the door.

We live on 50 acres right outside town and can shoot guns out our backyard or check the mail naked if we wanted to… our cows wouldn’t judge us. It’s the perfect place for us and I’m so happy to be raising our daughter here.

My husband’s name is Sean. He’s a master electrician at his family’s company here in town. I’m the elementary special ed teacher. That’s right. The entire elementary. Pre-K- 5th. I won’t teach forever, as I will be taking over my mother-in-law’s job at the family business. Fun fact: my degree is actually in business management. I graduated at 20 years old and when Sean and I talked about moving back to his hometown, I figured I’d get my teaching certificate to teach during the school months, and shadow his mom during summers. In fact, next year will be my last year teaching. I will officially have had my 5th graders since pre-k and we’re hoping to try for baby number two soon. So it’s a good stopping point. I’m sure I’ll document and cry my eyes out all over this blog when that happens, but hopefully some happy tears too with a new baby.

Speaking of babies. We’ve had two miscarriages. If any of you have had a miscarriage, you know how rough that is. All the feelings and emotions. The “am I failing at being a woman?” The grief of a loss of an angel you didn’t get to meet. When I got pregnant with our daughter Laney, we didn’t tell a soul- not even parents- until 13 weeks. Even at 30 weeks, I didn’t trust her inside of me. I wanted her out. Anyways, she was born right on her due date via c-section as she was breech.

I had her in April, so my maternity leave bled into summer. I had 14 wonderful weeks with her until I had send her to daycare and head back to work. I cried for a good 2 hours. Worked for 7 months then Covid happened letting me be a stay at home mom for a bit longer.

Welp. Pretty good snapshot of our life!

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