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Traveling to Beautiful Cabo San Lucas with Covid-19 Travel Credit

2020 Travel Credit Via

The time has come! Traveling is back in business and if you’re anything like us, you had come covid-19 credit to use. My amazing mother had bought an all-inclusive Mexico trip for Christmas in 2019 for us to take summer of 2020… Well surprise! Covid-19 happened. We always use for our Mexico trips and can get flights/hotel stays for a Thurs-Sunday trip for roughly $550-850/pp. My mom had bought a Cabo trip for six for $610/pp flights/hotel included. I was so impressed with how funjet handled the pandemic. They basically said they would give us a 125% credit if we chose to take the credit route instead of the refund route. Only issue was they had to deduct some money in order to not be tied to a certain airline which is what they recommended, and I agreed. They even told us we had until December 2022 to use the credit. Now when it came time to use the credit, we knew we wanted to use it this summer.

My brother and SIL just had a baby and didn’t want to travel, and my mom got serious with her boyfriend and wanted him to come on the trip instead of one of her girlfriends. So now our trip of 6 turned to a trip of 4 and only 3 of the original travelers were going. I was on the line with funjet for over an hour just to find out that the credit was assigned to each individual so we were losing half our credit by not having my bro, SIL and mom’s friend, then we’d have to pay out of pocket for my mom’s boyfriend. I didn’t really understand that because my mom had paid for everything with her credit card. Luckily, the funjet representative was on my side. He said there may be a loophole if we could get a doctor’s note from my SIL saying she can’t travel with a newborn. Boom. Got that done, sent it in, and was back and forth with emails trying to make sure it went through. Then heard nothing. Called and was on the phone for THREE HOURS! It. Was. So. Worth. It. The original trip was $3660ish. Our credit was for $4350. I don’t know how that happened, but I wasn’t going to ask any questions. Now we had 2 less travelers, and way more money to spend. That meant for sure nonstop flights, at the most ideal times, one extra day, a booze cruise, and a $200 voucher to spend there.

Day 1- Friday

Our flight was a 10 in Houston so we woke up at 6 to head that way. Our flight was nonstop and we ended up in Cabo at 11:10. After customs/immigration we were at the bar waiting for our shuttle by 12. We stayed at Riu Palace our first time in Cabo and fell in love with everything about it. We were trying to stay there again, but they were sold out and we had to stay at Riu Sante Fe, basically their sister hotel. When we stayed at Riu Palace we had access to Sante Fe and it was a complete party resort. Like foam party/DJs insane party scene. Obviously covid ruined that, but it was still way more wilder than palace even with covid restrictions.

Apparently there was another covid spike in Cabo causing the resorts to be a bit more strict. Like masks around buffets, and at the counters. Luckily when we checked in they did do Covid testing on site for free. We were lucky that our rooms were ready and the lady made sure the get them side by side. We dropped the bags, changed into swimsuits and went for lunch. There were so many reviews saying the food was crap and the drinks were watered down. Listen, you’re going to an all-inclusive. If you’re going to complain about the food and drinks, then maybe you need to go to a resort where it’s either way more expensive or you pay for the food/drinks out of pocket. I was able to find things I liked at every restaurant we went to. I will say one of the first things we noticed, was how massive this resort really is. We started at one pool, met some people, but it was fairly quiet and decided to check out another pool closer to the beach. Those pools were definitely more crowded and more of a party. Initially, my husband and I thought it was too much, but in walks my mom and her boyfriend and we ended up having a blast there.

I think anyone who travels knows that part of what makes a vacation is the people you travel with and the people you meet while traveling. Day 1 was promising that this was going to be a blast of a vacation based on the people alone. I was a bit apprehensive with traveling with my mom’s boyfriend. He’s a fun time, but Mexico and out of country is a different level to get to know someone. My husband and I also have a system down with Mexico where we basically drink all day. Sometimes people in their late 50s/early 60s think they can hang and realize they can’t. I will say Tom (The bf) can hang. He was a blast. He is from a super small town and when he took our advice by going to the bank to get like 100 of small bills for tips, the teller advised him that “Mexicans like $2 bills” so Tom shows up with 60 dollars worth of $2 bills giving him the nickname $2 Tom. He got wilder as the trip went on. We had dinner at one of the main restaurants, which again, no issues with the food. The show Friday wasn’t the best. It was basically dancing to music with no theme and of course Covid shut everything down at 10pm. This was somewhat a blessing in disguise because the first day there, we all needed the early night to sleep off the plane + first day hard drinking.

Day 2- Saturday

This was our first and really only FULL day at the resort. So you’ll get to see how my husband and I normally do a day at an all-inclusive resort. After a 10pm bedtime, we were up at 6:30. Honestly, that’s sleeping in for us, so couldn’t complain. I will say the AC in our room wasn’t the best. It was just not high powered and very humid. Not much you could do except get drunk enough to pass out with it. They gave us 1.5 L of water which you’ll be lucky if you finish one of those before you make the switch to beer. Dos XX was their beer on tap and in the room mini fridge. I always wake up and workout on our Mexico trips to try and get in as much water as possible. Sean usually just hangs in the room, I don’t know if it was because it was so humid in the room, or what but he decided to come with me. We were out by 8:30 and met up with my mom and Tom after breakfast. Turns out my mom definitely had too much to drink the first day because she lost her phone. Couldn’t find it anywhere and wasn’t at the front desk. It is what it is. The majority of bars don’t open until 10, except for the sports bar which was by the lobby. We ended up filling up our yetis there and headed to the beach. If you know anything about Cabo, you don’t go to enjoy the swimming in the beach water. The current is insane and it’s WORK to swim in it. However this didn’t stop Sean and Tom.

Clearly my mom and I weren’t about to lose a bathing suit trying to get in the water. We enjoyed the beautiful beach views and watched the guys battle the beast of the water. We then spent basically 11-2ish in the pool drinking. We ended up meeting this massive group from Austin, TX. Fellow Texans. They were wild, and we found ourselves gravitating towards them the whole rest of the vacation. Basically a huge group of college kids and the two mom supervisors. I don’t have much from the pool because obviously I wanted to keep my phone out, dry and enjoy the moment. However, come 2, we knew we needed to snag a late lunch and have “quiet time.” This is what my husband and I know has to happen when tackling Mexico and all day drinking at an all-inclusive. You don’t need to nap, you don’t even have to technically stop drinking, but you do have to take a minute to go to the room and slow your pace, stop completely or nap. Usually we enjoy that “couple time”, I nap and Sean usually stays awake and slows his pace. By the time we’re awake, it’s 3:30-4 you’ve had an hour + to sober up a bit and start over. We usually get ready for dinner at this point which is exactly what we did.

We took some photos of my mom and me with the beach as our background. I’d be lying if I said I remember the show that night. We switched to bourbon, which is usual for us, but I took a shot. Ugh. Anyways. When 10pm came, I basically was carried back to the room and my mom, Tom and Sean hung on the balcony while the boys smoked a cigar. Sean really wanted cigars, and ended up getting like 5 for $20 on the beach. Beware, those guys one the beach will try to sell you anything-even cocaine! Wild.

Day 3- Sunday

The one thing Tom was dying to do in Cabo was to go deep sea fishing. My mom has never been. Sean and I have been twice before. The first in Mexico and Sean was fine. The second was in Punta Cana… and we had insane waves and he totally got sea sick. We were prepared this go around. We took a cab, got to Breathless Resort by the marina which was about $14 and took about 10 minutes. We with with Pisces sports fishing and oh my gosh. I was so impressed. I think Tom ended up paying about $675 for 4 anglers but breakfast, lunch and drinks were provided. You got to pick and choose what you wanted. Lunch was 4 tacos each, which was about 2 tacos too much and yo got to choose your drinks, we chose 24 beers and then brought 24 more of our own.

The excitement was real. They drove us by the arch so we could get a photo, then we were off for about an hour. Everyone was fine. We started trolling around 7:30-8:00. Around this time was when Sean decided to be proactive on sea sickness. He decided to take the nausea pill, quit drinking beer, and lie down. He wasn’t miserable, but was worried he would be. Our first fish was at 9. We actually had a shark before that that stole our bait, but 9am was our first blue stiped marlin. It was about 6′ long and my mom was all for it. I almost cried just watching her reel it in. We were all excited! The three of us celebrated with a beer! After that beer, my mom just went pale. She said she was so thirsty and was trying to go down and get water. As soon as she went down in the boat (which mind you, you really feel the rocking there) she immediately went to the bathroom where we all heard her just throwing up nonstop. She kept thinking she could sit at the table, but we told her she needed to lie down with fresh air and if she needed to throw up, just do it off the boat. She ended up trying to take two of those pills, but threw them right up.

Now it was up to Tom and I to finish the like 43 beers we had left. Again, Sean never really got sick, but definitely had to lie down and stay quiet. Around 10 we were fish on again, this time it was my turn! It ended up being about a 5 foot blue striped marlin. Insane. We got another hit almost right after. I don’t know how, but Sean popped out and tried reeling. Unfortunately, it unhooked itself. We must’ve been in a honey hole or something though, because not long after he was hooked back on for a 7′ blue stiped marlin. He said he basically focused on the reel as much as possible and not so much the boat or waves to keep his stomach at bay.

We were on a high. Which made the beer go down that much easier for Tom and me. Tom could’ve called it a successful trip right then. He didn’t mind that he hadn’t caught a fish yet. We had a bit of lull after all that excitement of three fish in such a short period of time. The captain wasn’t ready to call it quits yet. Around 12:30 we were hooked back on and Tom was like a little kid on Christmas morning. We were all able to snag a fish and on a high. Right before heading in, the deckhand got super excited, another fish was on. Considering my mom was out, it was my turn again. This fish was a TOUGH one to reel in. By the time it got to the side of the boat, the deckhand had gone up to get his phone and was taking a video of it. It was about an 8′ blue striped marlin. It then went thrashing again, so I tried to reel it, but it was now at the back of the boat. It thrashed again and had unhooked itself. I was a little bummed I didn’t get a photo releasing it, but man the fight was worth it.

Now it was about 1:30 and the captain had us on our way back in. About 15-20 minutes in, Sean and my mom were back feeling like themselves. We all enjoyed a beer. Oddly enough, when we made it back to the marina, there were only 2 beers left! Tom and I did some serious work. I’d love to say that was one of the highlights of the trip as far as activities go, but I feel bad that my mom and Sean didn’t get to enjoy it the same way Sean and I did.

We had some quiet time when we got back to the resort. So we could rally and do dinner and the show. I don’t think Tom actually napped, just from the pure adrenaline. We got to the show fairly early (they do a kids’ show right before the main one). We were shocked, when the MC comes out and announces it Karaoke night. Tom was pissed like, wtf this isn’t even a show, how could they have Karaoke for the show. He was trying to get Sean to have us leave. I told Sean we’d stay for one or two, and if it sucked, we’d leave. This was just enough for Tom to say F it, I’m going up. He signs up for Sweet Caroline. This is the moment he became basically famous at Riu Sante Fe. He got the entire crowd into it. It was hilarious.

Day 4- Monday

Our last full day. We basically did the normal, gym, breakfast, pool set up except now we had famous $2 Tom with us. We actually had a booze cruise planned for today. Honestly that was a hiccup to deal with. We went to book our prepaid cruise, and all the dates were filled up because they had to reduce capacity due to the new covid outbreak in Cabo. Initially, they were trying to tell us we had to apply for a refund, pay in full for a new one, then wait for our refund. Luckily, my mom and I didn’t back down. We basically fought for them to apply our already prepaid booze cruise to another one and have our $200 voucher pay for any differences.

Honestly, at one point we thought the fishing trip and the booze cruise wasn’t going to happen at all because Hurricane Enrique was coming in. We were even told that the marina had to close at 1pm on Monday, and our booze cruise pick up was 3:40. However, in true Cabo fashion, the party went on. We’ve been on booze cruises before in Cabo, this one was less people (I’m sure because of covid) and had a live guitar, which I felt was more of a fancy vibe. The party turned on when the DJ music came on with the MC. It was still a blast for sure. We came back in time for the show.

This show was by far the best one of the trip in my mind. They were basically lip syncing to popular songs. They had Queen, Beyonce, Lady Gaga etc. I know it was lip syncing, but the theatrics and thought of trying to match the persona and original show of the singer was definitely there. Our flight the next day wasn’t until 2 giving us plenty of time to eat breakfast, have a few drinks and hop in the shuttle. Our shuttle picked us up at 10 and we were at the airport around 11. In true Mexico-Kelly fashion. Instead of going to the bathroom by us, I went to the one by the bar downstairs in the airport. Of course, I didn’t tell my family this, and when I wasn’t back in 10 minutes, I had my husband and mom freaking out. Turns out at the bar, I noticed an older dude take a picture with one of the guys at the bar. Thought that was odd, but didn’t think too much of it. The girls with him asked me if I could take a picture of them taking a shot and asked if I wanted one as well. Of course I know me and shots and knew that wouldn’t be a good idea. I had no problem taking the photo though and they started small talk about my tattoos, where I was from, etc. The girls asked if I wanted a picture with him and I unknowingly responded with “should I be wanting a photo with him?” They said for sure! While she was taking the photo, my husband calls. She answers with “your wife will call you back” and hangs up on him. This now has my husband SUPER worried. Turns out the man at the bar was 2X Superbowl, Hall of famer Terrell Davis. Explaining this to Sean didn’t make things better, but we hashed it out and he got over it. I even made him go down and meet him, telling them that they almost caused a divorced because my husband was convinced I was kidnapped in the Mexico airport by the cartel… Anyways, all in all it was a blast of a trip and I can’t wait to do it again.

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