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Enjoying Dinosaur Valley State Park with 2nd Vaccine Shot and a 20 month old.

Alright. Let’s talk about our Dinosaur Valley State Park camping trip! So I got my first covid shot as a teacher the end of January. I’ll be real with y’all. As a Texan and someone who wasn’t a fan of getting a the vaccine in general, what convinced me to get it was traveling. I heard horror stories about people who got their second vaccine. As a special education teacher that teaches prek-5th grade, it’s almost impossible to make last minute sub plans. I haven’t had to do a last minute sub plans since my first year of teaching. I wasn’t about to start if I were to have symptoms from my second shot. I was getting my shot at 9:15 AM on a Thursday and decided to take that Friday off just in case.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

When talking with Sean, I finally just told him that my first shot was literally just a sore arm. Why don’t we go camping and if I’m bed ridden then I’ll sleep and him and Laney can have a blast with our friends, and if I feel fine, then I can enjoy a random day off with family. I will say, Thursday by 12pm my arm was hurting pretty bad- like super bruised feeling. Powered through it, we made the 2.5 hour trek to Waco to pick up our camper. Ended up debating on whether or not to have a few beers or not, opted what the hell and drank a decent amount. The next morning, my arm was dead. I knew I just had to move it around, I had zero Ibuprofen, so Sean took Laney to HEB to get groceries and drugs for me. It was basically a 30 minute trip to HEB so they were gone for about an hour an a half. I just worked out and was fine. I still took an Ibuprofen for precautionary reasons, but was fine the rest of the weekend.

Let me start by saying Thursday was chaos. So… We use Outdoorsy for our camper rentals. We originally had an awesome camper close by to Dinosaur Valley State Park… The owner of the camper reached out four days before we were supposed to rent it letting us know that the water heater was broken and if we wanted to find a new camper, he’d refund our money. We had to last minute find a camper for this trip. We found one that looked great and we were able to apply our credit and pick it up last minute. Then Thursday night happened…. It like poured/hailed on us. We woke up and the camper was waaaay too quiet. Turns out the AC breaker tripped (Thanks electrician husband). Initially we didn’t know what was going on, but kept hearing a beeping noise from the radio that tripped and came back on. We fixed the radio, but the AC was going to be a fix for the morning. My arm felt like crap the next morning, but I worked out and thought I could shower while Sean and Laney were at HEB…. Hot water was nonexistent. I plugged my FitBit in the kitchen plug while my preworkout kicked in then just worked through all the stuff that wasn’t going our way.

Once everyone was back, I had worked out, was feeling better after working out and taking a Ibuprofen we went to the park. The park wasn’t like “OMG DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS EVERYWHERE!!!” It was pretty foggy and wet weather, but you got to see what I guess were dinosaur footprints in the water. Laney enjoyed it so that’s all that mattered. Maybe we didn’t explore the park well enough as we could if Laney was a bit older. She was almost 2 at this point. We checked out the park and played at a playground in the park campground (we camped at a campground park right outside the park- which fun fact, if you try to run into the park they will make you turn around if you don’t have proof of entrance…

We enjoyed our family day together Friday and were super excited because some family friends pulled up to the campground that night, meaning we had a full day of fun with them on Saturday. We were staying right across from a the Dinosaur World. We knew we had to take the kids to that the next day. Laney had a ball. It also helped that her 4 year old friend knew every dinosaur by name and was hyping her up with every dinosaur they saw.

Like I said, the weather was pretty subpar. What made matters worse was this was a new campground, so the fun areas (playground/pool/main store) hadn’t quite grown grass. That along with the misty/rainy weather meant MUD! Luckily the family we traveled with opted to look up “pinterest Mom” activities to do with kids so they wouldn’t want to head to the mudfest the entire time. She had some Cricut transfer paper where we traced dinosaurs on it, cut it out, then let the kids put different colored tissue paper on it. The next dino activity was to use the cricut transfer paper again to cut out a dinosaur and stick it to a canvas. We then let the kids paint the entire canvas then take the sticker off. Laney was obsessed.

All in all- we took this trip as a random what if I’m miserable after shot #2? I am so grateful that I was fine and was able to carve our a memory for my family. We all had a blast at Dinosaur Valley State Park. Our camper did have like half the power go out at one point, my electrician husband thinks it’s just as simple as changing a bad GFI. Anyways, it was totally worth it. Here are the links for Outdoorsy and Dinosaur Valley

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