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Cabo San Lucas During Covid

I know we aren’t the only ones, but we had soo many vacations canceled due to covid. We had London, Cabo, Peru in 2020 that had to be canceled or pushed back. As a teacher, often the way I deal with stress is to go on vacation. January, I was at my breaking point and knew I had to book a “normal” international vacation like I’m used to to get me out of my funk and feeling like normal. I ended up getting fully vaccinated for this trip worried I’d somehow get stuck in Mexico or wouldn’t be allowed to come back to America to my baby. I am so happy we just said F it and booked the trip. Cabo was just what the Doctor ordered.

Obviously the plane ride was the most annoying part. Having to wear a mask the entire flight and not being able to enjoy a couple alcoholic drinks along the way. However, we did what we had to do in order to get us there. We were lucky we had a direct flight from Austin to Cabo so we were there before 11.

Back in our element. Luckily because our flight got in so early, we were able to enjoy the pool, explore the resort and beach during the day.

We had a cousin pass back in 2018 and her birthday was the day we landed. We felt like the whole reason we were able to make it in safely and get to enjoy Mexico was because of her, so naturally we ended up having drinks and dessert for/with her.

Yall. Then things went crazy and of course I didn’t document it with my phone because you know.. lots of alcohol. Basically we crashed a wedding. It was great and hilarious. We went down and were called out immediately as it was a smaller wedding and they had been doing festivities all week with each other so obviously we stood out. A guest asked which side we were with and we said groom, well then he asked for his name… uhhh. we just said something random like Chad. We were wrong. Luckily, this other dude was totally cool and made us switch our story to being cousins of the bride. We even met the groom’s dad and took shots with him. I don’t do shots often.. usually stick to my beer or bourbon… so you better believe Sean had to help me get back to the room and I PTFO clothes, contacts and all. Great first night, right?

Sunday we enjoyed our normal Mexico routines. For me, I’m the crazy one who works out on vacation. It’s the only way to ensure you get your water intake in. Am I right? Anyways, workout then come back for breakfast and to start drinking. My favorite part of any vacation is the people you meet. So as we were all in the pool and hanging out. We ended up meeting this fun travel couple from Indiana. By the end of the night, we were hanging with this super crazy group from Utah. They were all kind of our crew for the trip and made it a blast.

Normally we don’t venture off out of our resort in Mexico, but with it being my birthday celebration and the fact that it’s been 2 years since we’ve been to Mexico, we decided to book a sunset booze cruise. So worth it and so fun! Sean totally lost in Tic Tac Toe and had to do a shot and beforehand, the lady made him motorboat her! ha! That was the kind of vibe. Also, music was on point. Like 90s/Early 2000 rap/hip hop. We were all shaking our laffy taffy and throwing our hands up and they stayed there if you catch my drift. It was beautiful to see the arch at sunset. Definitely wish I had taken more photos… but again, beer and a dress with no pockets.

We always do our Mexico trips short and sweet- like an extended weekend. So just like that it was over with. We had to get covid tested and have it be negative before we were cleared to head to the airport. Luckily our resort paid for the test and had it on site. So was it a bit different due to covid, slightly, but for the most part it was a breath of normalcy. Needless to say we booked another trip back to Cabo for June!

Safe Travels!

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